Funds Manager

With PMSplus, managing multi custodian funds is a simple and fast process.

PMSplus meets the various and complex requirements of a modern and efficient solution to manage multi custodian portfolios through a comprehensive and wide range of functionalities and consolidation capabilities.

Key features

Multi custodians

Thanks to its friendly navigation, the users can benefit from real time valuation of all categories of assets, customizable dashboards, drill-down capabilities and hence performance investments analysis and assess information at any time. Layout, sorting and graphical views can be customized to the client’s preferences.

The Valuation model can as well  be customized to fit with client’s own model or the structure displayed by the custodian bank.


PMSplus allows consolidating multiple portfolios in master portfolio or group of portfolios. The user can create as many groups of portfolios as needed.

Portfolios are linked together, thanks to PMSplus multi-dimensional consolidation layer. This is particularly efficient compared to a hierarchical portfolio consolidation structure: all changes, events or tax events that impact a portfolio will be automatically applied at portfolio master level, hence providing high versatility.

Groups of portfolios can be saved and used throughout the application to make advanced queries,  generate bulk orders, analyze portfolios, generate batch or on demand reporting and even report comprehensive MIS information or compliance reports.


PMSplus can measures the performance for a single portfolio or consolidated portfolio. The system supports the two major performance calculation methods:

  • Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) – GIPS recommended
  • Money Weighted Rate of Return (MWRR)

Net and Gross performance are calculated and split into realized, unrealized. In addition, PMSplus enables back-dated operations, reversals or price correction and will, on demand, recalculate the performance for the impacted periods and portfolios.


PMSplus manages different accounting methods at portfolio level or at instruments’ level:

·         Average 

·         Lot accounting : FIFO , Stock Picking 

PMSplus supports tax lot sales methods and provides automatic processing of cost basis calculations. 


PMSplus manages most of existing financial instruments (including complex instruments) :


  • Market Feeds
  • Benchmarks


  • Fixed
  • Variable Rate
  • Inflation protected Bonds
  • Convertible
  • PIK
  • Mortgage
  • Asset Back
  • Compoundent Interest
  • Perpetual


  • Current Account
  • Margin Account
  • Join Account
  • Income
  • Cheque


  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • All types of funds


  • Deposits 
  • Fiduciary Deposits 
  • Loans
  • Forex


  • Options
  • Futures
  • CFDs


  • Equities
  • Bonds


All types of debt instruments are handled by the system whether their coupons, capital and maturities are fixed or variable. The system supports unlimited interest calculation methods, with fixed numbers of days or effective numbers of days. The system as well manage irregular period begin, yield and modified duration.
PMS plus handles ratings from different providers likes  Standard & Poor's, Moody's, or the internal custodian bank notation.

Structured products

PMSplus is able to distinguish Structured Products according to the underlying investments as Equities, Bonds, Private Equity, Index, etc.


Spot , forward , swap (interest rate swap and credit default swap, asset swap)


The system fully handles the processing of options and futures, short and/or long positions and Contract For Difference (CFD). For the transaction of the CFD, PMSplus manage the two legs as the value of the underlying, the interest calculation and the margin call.


  • Instant statement generation of consolidated portfolio (in detail)
  • Standardization of client statements for better reading
  • Multi language reporting
  • Batch or on demand report generation 
  • Reports available in PDF, Excel, Word and Powerpoint formats


Business Drivers:

  • Performance Measurement: Offering comparative performance measurements allows you to identify underperforming assets accross the client’s entire investments.
  • Consolidation: consolidate subscribers 
  • Interfaces: retrieve transactions direclty from your broker, custodian bank of fund company. 
  • Accounting:   automatic generation of accounting entries based on funds operations and direct transactions. One of the main feature of PMSplus is its ability to manage various accounting methods as Average, FIFO and tax lot accounting