Cloud Case Study

Gary Tiernan (Golden Equator Wealth): from data processing to data interpretation

Gary Tiernan, Managing Partner of Golden Equator Wealth recently onboarded the PMplus platform designed by SuisseTechPartners. He shares his views on how PMplus facilitates the safe management of clients’ data. Interview.


Can you please describe your firm/activities in a few words?Golden Equator Wealth is the independent multi-family office arm of the Golden Equator Group. Based in Singapore, we customise family office services to clients in Asia and beyond. We are trusted to provide advice and support across generations to protect family legacy.

Bringing all this information together in a clear and timely manner is a critical challenge.

Which challenges are you facing ?
Our clients hold financial assets with multiple custodians, and also physical assets in many forms (real estate, collectibles etc.) and in different jurisdictions. Monitoring and managing these assets is an integral part of our service. Bringing all this information together in a clear and timely manner is a critical challenge.It is time consuming and it must be accurate.

How is PMplus helping you to overcome these challenges?
PMplus is an end-to-end software solution that facilitates client management in a secure data environment; consolidates holdings information across custodians and asset types; provides powerful portfolio management functionality with separate independent pricing; and supports completely customisable reporting on demand. PMplus consolidates myriad data with accuracy and speed. This allows Golden Equator to concentrate much more time on data interpretation, risk management and growth opportunities for our clients.