Modern standards have been deployed
throughout the system architecture


PMplus® is a cloud-native application built using ‘Unicode’ technology which enables us to store and maintain multiple languages in the same instance.

Our technology enables us to offer a dedicated Multi-Tenant Solution with real ‘End-To-End’ Segmentation and a single point of entry protected by Dual Firewalls. Each tenant is segregated and can be configured in many different ways.
Our Multi-Tenant architecture is highly flexible and scalable. Each tenant benefits from a secure yet highly available solution. For example, Trustees can benefit from a top level view through all authorized tenants (according to a User Access Control matrix). Operating staff can be assigned to a function across one or more tenants and so access can be granted vertically or horizontally.

Our architecture has a separate install for each client at the application level and at the BPEL (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) server level, whilst also having segmented instances within the multi-tenant database.

We can support ‘in-house’ or your preferred third-party cloud provider for implementation, or our own hosting partner.