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Asset Managers

PMplus handles the widest variety of fund types

PMplus is a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of fund types. With its user-friendly workflow, NAV (Net Asset Value) calculations can be performed and revised at any given time, utilizing the most up-to-date data. Users have the ability to simulate their NAV before finalizing it, ensuring accuracy. Once the Simulated View is approved, the NAV can be validated, and the system will generate the relevant unrealized accounting entries.
In cases where a fund has multiple share classes, PMplus® automatically calculates the necessary coefficient and allocates the profit and loss accordingly. Users can easily set up expense accruals to cover various payment types, including Audit Fees, Director Fees, Management Fees, and Performance Fees. The system offers a wide range of fee calculation methods, such as High Watermarks and Scales, providing flexibility and customization options.
By leveraging PMplus, fund managers can efficiently handle diverse fund structures and streamline their operations. The comprehensive features of PMplus enable accurate and convenient management of NAV, expenses, and fee calculations, empowering fund managers to focus on optimizing their investment strategies and delivering value to their clients.

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