Author name: Simon Collier

0 5 min The regulations governing the duties of Depositaries / Trustees have not evolved too much over recent years. While the set of regulatory duties is quite clear and shared globally within…

0 < 1 min […]

0 < 1 min […]

0 4 min Over the past twelve months, the conversations we have had with clients and prospects at Suisse TechPartners have indicated that functional needs are strongly converging for all types of companies man…

0 3 min Singapore has a long track-record as a center for the management of multi-generational family wealth, and at SuisseTechPartners we are delighted to be able to fully service the Singaporean market with…

0 3 min Private Equity investing has been immensely popular over the last few years and AUM growth rates have been spectacular. In 2020, Deloitte forecast AUM to reach US$5.8 trillion by 2025 and this still s…

0 4 min A few weeks ago I joined SuisseTechPartners (STP) to head the Asia business for the firm. I received many kind comments and good wishes from friends and ex-colleagues – a very humbling experience. B…

0 3 min Digitalization in financial markets heralds a new universe of products – but also expands the potential of existing products. Jürgen Stahl, External Strategic Advisor to SuisseTechPartners says token…

0 2 min After founding MultiFonds and turning it into a global leader, in 2012 Van Ta launched SuisseTechPartners and developed its flagship product PMplus as a Cloud-native software solution meeting the need…


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