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Cash Management and Monitoring

PMplus provides full cash projection and reporting services

PMplus updates orders and trades and provides cash positions and forecasts, including detailed updates for current day cash settlements, corporate actions, security settlements and shareholder subscription and redemptions. Forecasts can be run to include or exclude unconfirmed trades by currency providing the opportunity to manage cash accurately via customizable alerts.



PMplus also facilities ‘Cash Flow Monitoring’ to facilitate a trustee or other Fiduciary to filter and select outlier cash transaction in accordance with Depositary obligations relating to cash-flow monitoring (Article 21(7) of AIFMD and Articles 85 and 86 of the Level 2 Regulations). Such items can be automatically sent into compliance workflow for the relevant team member or third-party Administrator to inspect and annotate the case with evidentiary documentation ready for review and closure. PMplus has a rich analytical/reporting capability that can be setup and amended entirely by the user via our private cloud capability which incorporates strict user access controls.



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