Environmental Governance – ESG Regulation

Highly Flexible ESG Monitoring and Reporting   PMplus is ready with a comprehensive set of ESG data tracking and compliance reporting tools available purely on a SaaS basis, to enable users to easily view and track ESG exposure within their investment portfolios. PMplus can be purchased as a supplement to most existing asset management/Wealth systems, […]

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Back up NAV Calculation Service

Backup/contingency NAV calculation and validation   In the case where your primary provider is temporarily unavailable to calculate your Fund NAVs, our service will provide a contingency method for you to deliver on your regulatory obligation. Using our highly scalable PMplus solution, we take all of your daily data feeds in parallel to your primary […]

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Accounting and Multi-jurisdictional NAV

PMplus can calculate and recalculate NAVs at any point   The user can simulate their NAV before crystallization, to verify that everything is correct. Color coding identifies which NAV calculations are simulated and which have been crystalized. Once the simulation is approved, the NAV can be validated. This facilitates a user friendly NAV approval workflow. […]

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Performance Reporting and Analytics

Valuation, Performance Calculations and Risk Management Reporting   PMplus calculates Valuation and Performance using GIPS compliant TWR and MWR methods, along with full attribution analysis. Risk Management – PMplus can calculate many risk measurements including VaR, Alpha, Beta, Sharpe Ratio and Standard Deviation. Multiple attribution and benchmarks comparisons are available as well as customized views […]

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Customer Onboarding and KYC

PMplus supports onboarding and ‘CRM’ functions throughout the system   PMplus CRM facilitates automated onboarding and requirements with AML, KYC and sanctions screening. PMplus includes an option to customize the KYC template as per any local requirement combined with the generation of real time alerts and notifications. Solutions for: Family and Multi-family Offices Private and […]

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Client Reporting and Web-portal

PMplus provides a full suite of static reporting options dynamic reporting functionality   PMS has integrated with a leading Business Intelligence Software provider. Due to its ‘Unicode’ technology, PMplus can store and maintain multiple character sets in the same instance, with supports for PDF, PPT, XLSX and other Microsoft office file formats. Customized reports can […]

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Reconciliation Services

PMplus provides fully automated securities position and cash reconciliation   PMplus has a highly automated reconciliation capability to reconcile Cash Balance, Quantity, Book Cost and Market Value all to within defined tolerances. Any unexpected cash movements can be highlighted for validation and presented in exception reports for the Manager’s review. Solutions for: Family and Multi-family […]

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Data Management Platform

PMplus provides full banking system and market data interfaces   PMPlus can be implemented as a fully reconciled primary or shadow data repository. The system has full integration with banking and other market data vendors including ESG reference data. Pre-existing interfaces with major international custodians, including crypto exchanges and wealth/private banks have been built and […]

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Multi-asset Class Integration

PMplus provides multi-asset class functionality   Equities including Stock, Warrants, ADRs, Rights etc. Contracts includind Deposits, Loans etc. Funds types including Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds. Bonds including Fixed, Floating, Convertibles, PIK, Inflation linked, Mortgage, Asset Back, Index linked, Perpetual etc. Structured Products including Equities, Bond, Hybrid Securities etc. Derivatives and OTC including […]

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Management Fees and Billing

Comprehensive fee billing and statement production   PMplus provides wealth managers with a flexible user parameterization of fees and automated Invoice reporting with a robust expense tracking mechanism. In the case where an upstream system is unable to calculate fees and/or produce invoices to your requirements, PMplus can take the underlying NAVs or Portfolio and calculate […]

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