0 < 1 min Product Regulatory Compliance Monitoring PMplus provides comprehensive “Investment Restriction Monitoring” PMplus utilizes its built-in OMS to facilitate pre-trade checking against predetermined rules to highlight any trades that may cause a breach. Comprehensive post-trade checking is built into the system. All rules are customizable at the portfolio level and market-standard rules are available including Mifid requirements. …

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0 < 1 min Product Reconciliation Services PMplus provides fully automated securities position and cash reconciliation PMplus has a highly automated reconciliation capability to reconcile Cash Balance, Quantity, Book Cost and Market Value all to within defined tolerances. Any unexpected cash movements can be highlighted for validation and presented in exception reports for the Manager’s review. Solutions for: Family …

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0 2 min Product Portfolio Management System Our product PMplus contributes directly to your success. It leads the market for productivity and efficiency through its cloud-native, modular capabilities, with end-to-end functionality from trade order, through portfolio/fund accounting to customer reporting and analytics. Behind every PMplus portfolio system is a comprehensive general ledger, thus ensuring our users a centralized …

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0 2 min Product Performance Reporting and Risk Analytics Impress your clients with integrated Valuation, Performance and Risk Management Reporting PMplus calculates Valuation and Performance using GIPS compliant TWR and MWR methods, along with full attribution analysis. Risk Management – PMplus can calculate many risk measurements including VaR, Alpha, Beta, Sharpe Ratio and Standard Deviation. Multiple attribution and …

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0 < 1 min Product Partnership Accounting Automate partnership accounting and investor capital statements. Various different types of partnership classes can be setup with varying management fee and performance calculation criteria, e.g management fee payment in advance, payment in arrears, etc. PMplus can produce the investor’s ‘Capital Statements’ detailing the balances of each investor into the Fund or Partnership. …

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0 < 1 min Product Order Management OMS In-house or externally generated orders- PMplus’ OMS covers all requirements PMplus Order Management System facilitates the generation of orders to align a portfolio or group to a pre-determined target strategy, including the processing of trades through the entire trade life cycle. PMplus can also process orders generated by third parties through …

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0 < 1 min Product Multi-asset Class Integration PMplus provides multi-asset class functionality Equities including Stock, Warrants, ADRs, Rights etc. Contracts includind Deposits, Loans etc. Funds types including Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds. Bonds including Fixed, Floating, Convertibles, PIK, Inflation linked, Mortgage, Asset Back, Index linked, Perpetual etc. Structured Products including Equities, Bond, Hybrid Securities etc. Derivatives …

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0 < 1 min Product Middle-office Technology Our integrated “Investment Book of Record” is at the heart of our system PMplus® incorporates powerful middle-office technology by virtue of its fully integrated ABOR/IBOR functionality. PMplus® collects daily indicative Securities Data/Pricing, Custody, TA and Fund Accounting data via fully automated interfaces, to build independent and reconciled IBOR positions. This includes collecting …

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0 < 1 min Product Management Fees and Billing Comprehensive fee billing and statement production PMplus provides wealth managers with a flexible user parameterization of fees and automated Invoice reporting with a robust expense tracking mechanism. In the case where an upstream system is unable to calculate fees and/or produce invoices to your requirements, PMplus can take the underlying …

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0 < 1 min Product Environmental Governance – ESG Regulation Highly Flexible ESG Monitoring and Reporting PMplus is ready with a comprehensive set of ESG data tracking and compliance reporting tools available purely on a SaaS basis, to enable users to easily view and track ESG exposure within their investment portfolios. PMplus can be purchased as a supplement to …

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