0 1 min Solutions Trustee and Fiduciary We provide a number of critical services for operators of Trustee and Fiduciary businesses, such as: Comprehensive “Investment Book of Record”, with consolidation/ reporting and storage of constituent asset documentation, along with unit and asset reconciliation. Trustee Cash Flow Monitoring (outlier identifier and workflow resolution) with multiple filtered set to provide …

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0 1 min Solutions Wealth Managers PMplus provide everything required by a Wealth manager from onboarding to statements PMplus provides comprehensive functionality for Wealth Managers, including user defined groups, onboarding and tools to facilitate migration, automated reconciliation of custodian statements/feeds with workflow, performance and risk analytics, ‘board quality’ reports in the language/character set of your choice and even …

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0 1 min Solutions Sovereign Wealth Funds PMplus can provide comprehensive management and analytics for Sovereign funds. Sovereign funds can benefit from comprehensive and automated record-keeping across multiple managers, together with overlays and analytics including: valuation and performance measurement using GIPS compliant TWR and MWR methods, as well as full attribution analysis. PMplus can calculate many risk measurements …

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0 1 min Solutions Private and Digital Banks PMplus can integrate entirely or as a range of components on a modular basis with private banks and digital bank infrastructures In the case of digital banks or private banks, PMplus can be plugged in as the OMS and asset account, record-keeper including automated onboarding. Most of our modules can …

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0 1 min Solutions Private Equity PMplus® provides comprehensive and integrated management of private equity and partnership structures. User defined and secured workflows help the onboarding of Partners and capital calls / distribution processes which can be monitored through ad-hoc dashboards.PMplus® supports all asset classes and multiple layer complex structures using a real time general ledger. PMplus® facilitates …

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0 1 min Solutions Fund Managers PMplus handles the widest variety of fund types NAV’s can be calculated and re-calculated as at any point in time through a user-friendly workflow; and PMplus will utilize the latest available data. The user can simulate their NAV before crystallization to verify that everything is correct. Once the Simulated View has been …

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0 1 min Solutions Fund Administrators PMplus PMplus can be integrated as the asset account record-keeper for administrators, custodians and trustees. Most of our modules, including our fund administration capabilities can be chosen on an “à la carte” basis, where our ‘Investment Book of Record’ is the central module that ties all of the selected components together such …

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0 1 min Solutions Family and Multi-family Offices PMplus PMPlus provides comprehensive functionality for Family and Multi-family offices including enhanced connectivity to major custodians, consolidation of net worth across all asset classes , digital management of documentation, cash flow analysis, partnership accounting, performance and risk analytics, customized reports in the language define by the client, online and real …

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