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Environmental Governance – ESG Regulation

Highly Flexible ESG Monitoring and Reporting

PMplus is ready with a comprehensive set of ESG data tracking and compliance reporting tools available purely on a SaaS basis, to enable users to easily view and track ESG exposure within their investment portfolios. PMplus can be purchased as a supplement to most existing asset management/Wealth systems or can provide comprehensive stand-alone capabilities (see also: https://www.suissetechpartners.com/esg-the-clock-is-ticking/).

Data is fed into PMplus automatically through any of our pre-built interfaces with leading ESG data providers around the Globe. PMplus has a highly flexible ESG Data model that can be adapted to suit each client’s requirements, which means that our ESG features can be used not only to help meet regulatory requirements but also to enhance ESG transparency in your client reporting.

ESG data can be stored at the product level and also at the company level. Alongside traditional ESG scores and ratings, PMplus can also store raw ESG data points for each company so that our clients can drill down behind each company’s ESG score/rating to understand the reasons for the scoring and also to support primary research.

When combined with our industry-leading compliance module, PMplus can be used to ensure continued compliance with SFDR and MiFID regulations. For example, ESG Investment Restrictions can be written based on minimum ESG scoring or inclusion in ESG indices, etc.

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