Multi-asset Class Integration

PMplus provides multi-asset class functionality

  • Equities including Stock, Warrants, ADRs, Rights etc.

  • Contracts includind Deposits, Loans etc.

  • Funds types including Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds,
    Private Equity Funds.

  • Bonds including Fixed, Floating, Convertibles, PIK, Inflation linked, Mortgage, Asset Back, Index linked, Perpetual etc.

  • Structured Products including Equities, Bond, Hybrid Securities etc.

  • Derivatives and OTC including Futures, Forwards, Options, CFDs, Swaps etc.

  • Commodities including Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.

  • Crypto Currencies up to 48 decimal places

  • Non-Financial Asset including real estate, Private Equity, Wines, Yachts, Planes, jewelry etc.