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Private Equity

PMplus® provides comprehensive and integrated management of private equity and partnership structures.

PMplus®, is a comprehensive solution to streamline the management of complex Private Equity (“PE”) investments and partnership structures. Our powerful platform seamlessly integrates various operational aspects, ensuring efficient execution and comprehensive oversight in accordance with the relevant Fiduciary responsibilities.
With customizable workflows and strong security measures, PMplus® simplifies new partner onboarding, secure documentation management, capital calls, and distribution processes. General Partners can effectively manage complex multi-level investment structures using PMplus®.
Moreover, PMplus® stands out for its exceptional ability to support a wide range of asset classes whether those are private or public securities, including extensible reporting capabilities for assets such as real-estate and collectibles. By leveraging its real-time general ledger capabilities, the software enables accurate tracking and reporting across diverse investment types, providing valuable insights for General and Limited Partners alike. PMplus® empowers General Partners to seamlessly calculate performance figures and fees and to generate invoices for payment. Such invoices can be multilingual as PMplus® supports all international character sets and is built as a full Unicode application.

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    With the power of PMplus®, private equity firms gain a comprehensive and efficient tool to optimize their operations and fiduciary reporting responsibilities. Our platform’s streamlined workflows and real-time monitoring capabilities enhance transparency and simplify complex processes that are otherwise time consuming and prone to error. Through PMplus®, firms can seamlessly integrate partnership structures, monitor operations in real time, and demonstrate an efficient operating base. Overall, PMplus® empowers professionals to navigate PE challenges, ensure efficiency, transparency, and growth in their operations.
    In summary, PMplus® offers a comprehensive solution for managing private equity investments and partnership structures. By leveraging the capabilities of PMplus®, professionals in the industry can optimize their operations, make informed decisions, and drive success.

    PMplus® Overview

    An 'all-in-one' solution for portfolio management

    PMplus® is an innovative cloud-native solution developed by SuisseTechPartners, an international financial technology company with teams located in Geneva, Luxembourg, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hanoi and Kosovo.

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