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Trustee and Fiduciary

We provide a number of critical services for operators of Trustee and Fiduciary businesses, such as:

  • Comprehensive “Investment Book of Record”, with consolidation/ reporting and storage of constituent asset documentation, along with unit and asset reconciliation.
  • Trustee Cash Flow Monitoring (outlier identifier and workflow resolution) with multiple filtered set to provide a workable list of outlier transactions for compliance case review and approval.
  • Virtual NAV estimation based on prior day NAV components and applicable indices, plus today’s cash; re-priced NAV through price scrubbing; or, full NAV replication services.
  • ESG compliance and reporting – full suite capabilities including ingestion of any vendor or manager ratings. ‘Point in time’ compliance reviews as well as ‘current status’ available.
  • Compliance Exception/Breach Hub provides a facility to either calculate potential exceptions/breaches directly from an IBOR or, to upload notifications from upstream compliance systems to enable identification of themes and trends. Analytics with comprehensive reporting can be provided to third-parties by a secure web link.

See article: “The Fund Depositaries / Trustees need to adapt their operating model:


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