Our Senior Management Team

Meet the outstanding and pioneering senior management team of Suisse TechPartners that have culminated the company’s value and development worldwide. Coupled with their innovative ideas and years of experience, our leaders endeavored to meet the needs of several businesses.  At the same time, our leaders have remained dedicated to fostering the company’s growth and development. 

Additionally, our senior management team is composed of a dynamic set of certified professionals and industry experts who have helped Suisse TechPartners reach unprecedented heights. Although our members come from various backgrounds, they all shared a common vision of transforming the world through technology. Furthermore, the company’s senior management team has been instrumental in shaping the company’s vision and strategy. As a result, Suisse TechPartners’ success in assisting many businesses worldwide became self-evident and the company was able to expand its operations.

The innovation and promotion of the company are orchestrated by:

Van Ta

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Stephenson

Strategic Advisor

Cyril Mottet

Chief Technology Officer, Geneva

Frédéric Pérard

Head of Europe, Luxembourg

Patrick Evers

Senior Business Manager, Luxembourg

Rachel Leung

Senior Functional Consultant, Hongkong

Simon Collier

Head of Asia, Hong Kong/Singapore

Benjamin Irving

Senior Solutions Manager, UK

Looking for an innovative and customer-focused fintech company to start your career in?

At Suisse TechPartners, we’re always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about their work and eager to learn. Likewise, we offer a competitive learning environment with many opportunities for professional growth.

Suisse TechPartners is a great place for aspiring fintech professionals to gain hands-on experience and knowledge. Moreover, we firmly believe in promoting a culture of innovation, creativity, and teamwork.

If you are seeking a challenging career path and wish to become part of a dynamic and fast-growing environment, then we invite you to apply. Specifically, we have an open position for our offices in Geneva, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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    STP SuisseTechPartners Switzerland

    6, rue Barton 1201 Geneva Switzerland

    Phone: +41 22 700 7172

    Suissetechpartners Luxembourg Sàrl

    18,boulevard de Kockelscheur L-1821 Luxembourg

    Phone: +41 22 700 7172

    STP SuisseTechPartners Hong Kong

    Skyway Centre, 12/F 23 Queen's Road West Sheung Wan Hong Kong SAR

    Phone: +852 2873 2700

    STP SuisseTechPartners Singapore

    96 Robinson Road #11-04 SIF Building Singapore (068899)

    Phone: +65 6500 1443

    STP SuisseTechPartners Hanoi, Vietnam

    Phone: +65 6500 1443

    SuisseTechPartners Kosovo LLC

    Rruga C Redoni Constrution Ba 16, 1, Prishtina 10000 Kosovo

    Tel: +38348221441

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